Strategic Partnership

Cere Labs & Intel®.

Cere Labs is glad to announce a strategic partnership with Intel for bringing cutting edge performance to their cognitive Automatics platform Dtect. This partnership brings together Intel's expertise in optimizing AI/ML system and Dtect's formidable capabilities in processing unstructured data. Dtect is a machine learning based platform for enterprises to process their unstructured data. Dtect benefits the customers by offering unmatched variety of models combined with versatile bot building capabilities. Dtect is being used across various industries such as finance, insurance, healthcare and retail. As part of the association, Dtect has been optimized using Intel's OpenVINO technology to provide superior performance to its users. Dtect has also been benchmarked on various Intel processor's to optimize infrastructure investment of it's customers. Cere Labs and Intel have a firm commitment to continue innovation in the field of cognitive automation, and to be a part of the digital transformation that is happening in the global industry.

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