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Discover the AI advantage with Cere Labs, where we apply our mastery in unstructured data processing to empower your business and drive tangible value.

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A digital platform for unstructured data and decisioning


Data Governance

Implementing Data Governance, especially for unstructured documents is hugely challenging. With its cognitive capabilities, Cerescope helps to enforce the right governance.


Fast Decisioning

Decision making is difficult and uncertain, especially with unstructured data. The inferencing engine of Cerescope plays a big role in making decisions like loan approvals and claim validations accurate, faster and easier.


Customer experience

Customers of today expect smooth and painless service delivery at a fast pace. Cerescope helps to automate and streamline the critical processes to ensure customer delight.


Cerescope Dtect

Cognitive Document Processing (CDP) for your digital platform

CDP is an advanced way of processing unstructured documents in your organization. It differs from earlier methods such as OCR in its use of AI and cognitive algorithms in place of rule based processing. Dtect, built on top of unstructured data processing capabilities of Cerescope, uses a human-like approach to understand and read documents just as we humans do.

Validation and Reconciliation

Banks collect large volumes of documents over time from their customers. They all need to be consistent with the databases and compliant with statutory requirements. CDP is used to go through the document in an automated way and notify the errors and inconsistencies.

Data Quality and Accuracy

Finance companies gather data from customers in form of documents and add it to various databases. It is important to ensure quality of this data for operational and compliance reasons. CDP can be used to verify the data quality by co-relating a number of data points both from the structured databases and unstructured documents.

Fraud Detection

BFSI companies have to secure themselves against fraudulent behavior, from both external and internal sources. Identifying fraud is like detective work; it requires data collection, co-relation, reasoning and decisioning. CDP plays a big role in fraud detection as clues to most frauds are hidden somewhere in the unstructured documents.

Unique Features

Dtect USPs.

How cerescope Dtect stands apart

No Templates Required

Powered by AI, Dtect does not require any pre-configured document format to read it. This saves tons of efforts and relieves you from the Tyranny of the Format.

Accurate and Fast

Dtect helps you to overcome your document processing troubles and make it fast and accurate.

Flexible Deployment

Cerescope Dtect is available both on-premises and on cloud. This means that you can implement your Data Privacy policies and still get the versatility of a cutting edge solution.

Continuous Learning

The Cerescope platform is based on Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Probabilistic Models. The models keep on learning during the operation, pushing the accuracy to an ever higher number.

Knowledge Retention

When an employee in a data processing role leaves the organization, she takes the learnt knowledge with her. Dtect is an AI platform that retains all the knowledge learnt.

Highly Scalable

Addition of human resources is a challenge for scaling your data processing operations. With Dtect you can reach unprecedented levels of scale .

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