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Artificial Intelligence is everywhere now!
It can create exciting possibilities for your business too.
Making your business AI enabled is a journey and Cere Labs can be your AI companion.

To know how


What we do

Our AI Solutions can help you to transform your business.

AI can help you in almost every major area of your business, as it improves client experience, saves cost and helps add innovative extensions to your product. At Cere Labs, we have built products and solutions that can enable you to achieve this transformation.

Cognitive Process Automation

CPA is the next stage of advancement in Robotic Process Automation. Unlike RPA, CPA can also work with ‘unstructured and dark’ data to automate your business processes.

Here are some example use cases

Email Automation

Handwritten Form Reading

Invoice Processing

PO Creation


Better customer experience

  • Shorter response time to emails
  • Faster approvals
  • Accurate data

Cost savings

  • Less manpower requirement
  • Less rework
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Innovations in products

  • Dashboard based analysis of images & videos
  • Making your products ‘smart’
  • Accurate data

Reaching more & relavant customers

  • Identifying repeat customers
  • Study of customer behavior from CCTV
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Dark Data Analysis

There is a lot of useful 'Dark Data' in your organization. Examples - pictures, CCTV videos, text documents, voice and so on. We can make sense out of all this and provide you with invaluable insights.

Here are some example use cases

People Counting

Stock Taking

Lengthy Documents

Voice Analytics

Predictive Analytics

We can build models from your data that can predict the behavior of your business. They can do simulation to help you with your decision, or detect abnormalities to protect you.

Here are some example use cases

Failure Prediction

Sales & Demand Forecast Automation

Risk Assessment

Insurance Claim Classification


Cost savings

  • Detecting fraudulent applications
  • Better bidding / pricing strategy

Reaching more & relavant customers

  • Recommending right products to your customer
  • Identifying right customer profile for your product
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Industries we are working for

Almost all industries have realized the potential of AI. We at Cere Labs have worked with a number of industries and are in discussion with many more.
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Our Engagement Model

‘AI Enriched Business’ has learned the trick to harness the power of AI for amazing returns.
In our experience, it is a step-by-step journey.
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The first step for a business leader is to become aware about the capabilities of AI and how it has served other businesses and industries.
Cere Labs offers consultancy to companies trying to apply AI to their business.

The Problem Statement

As a business leader you identify a use case that can demonstrate business benefit and can be completed within reasonable time and investment.
Cere Labs helps you in identifying the correct use cases to begin with.


You build a quick POC for the chosen problem statement to win over stakeholders and improve your confidence in AI.
Cere Labs can build a POC in as short a time as a week.


A successful POC needs to be converted into a full-fledged system of the required scale.
Cere Labs with its experience in software development combined with its AI expertise can even build the entire system for you.


With the learning from the implementation collated, you are now ready for more involved use cases.
Cere Labs along with your team will help you in institutionalising the AI practice for your organisation

Our Clients

Add AI to Business

Let's begin the AI Journey and discover what our products can do for you.
Cere Labs wants to be your companion in the AI journey.