Cognitive Process Automation

There is a lot of useful dark data in your organization such as pictures, CCTV videos, text documents, voice & so on. Our Dark Data Analysis product helps you make sense out of all this data and make it available for further use.

Once you convert the dark data into structured data, one of the use it can be put to is Automation. The efforts towards automating processes have been going on for a long time. With the advent of AI, automation is now going to a higher level.

In our CPA product, Dark Data Analysis is combined with another powerful AI technology, Cognitive Computing. This combined approach ensures the accuracy required for most automation tasks – upwards of 95%.

Cere Labs is a pioneer in Cognitive Process Automation through its unique approach of processing the dark data. Combined with RPA, CPA can achieve a high level of automation in your organization.

Example Use Cases

Email Automation

Email is a pain area of many organizations. CPA can end these woes through auto processing of incoming emails. Email automation can be deployed in customer service desks, sales and marketing amongst other departments.

Handwritten Form Reading

This has been a breakthrough for our CPA product. A large number of application forms are handwritten. The current manual processing is slow and prone to errors. Using our CPA product can not only save time and cost, but improve the accuracy by a large margin.

Invoice Processing

Since incoming invoices do not have a fixed structure, it becomes unstructured data. Our CPA does a good job of auto processing of incoming invoices for reduced lead time of purchase.

PO Automation

This is the other side of invoice processing. By generating routine PO’s automatically, the purchase department gains efficiency and helps the business by accelerating the supply chain.