About Us

Who we are

Cere Labs is a four years old startup based in Mumbai, India. Started with a strong motivation to explore the emerging field of Artificial Intelligence, the young company spent its first year in research and technology development. with more and more interaction with industry, Cere Labs offering took shape.

Currently, Cere Labs works on Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing to create path breaking solutions for businesses.

The team of Cere Labs consists of engineers well versed in AI, statisticians, researchers and linguists. Innovation is the pivot around which the cere culture resolves, assimilating people from various domains and backgrounds.

Our Team


Devesh Rajadhyax

Co-founder and CEO

An innovator, communicator, leader and 20+ years veteran in technology products. Apart from strategy and innovation, Devesh brings his expertise in Knowledge Representation and Mathematics to the Cere table. A post-graduate in Engineering from VJTI, he has been creating awareness on AI in industry and academia for the past four years.


Rajashree Rajadhyax

Co-founder and COO

Rajashree leads the AI product development apart from handling all operations. Her team and project management capabilities combined with her excellent hold on Deep Learning and Cognitive Computing drive Cere Labs forward. She is an MCA/MBA with a keen eye on processes and quality.


Sandeep Sukhtankar

Co-founder and Investor

Sandeep is a visionary entrepreneur having a great eye to spot the right people and supports them with the Kickstarter ecosystem. His unconditional support for the foundation of Cere Labs is commendable. From product roadmap and growth strategy to HR and admin he is meticulously involved.