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in contact center.

Customer service encounters several challenges. These include the need for effective agent training and onboarding to handle various queries. There's also the demand for swift resolution of customer issues during live interactions. Additionally, there's the complexity of mapping out the omnichannel customer journey for seamless experiences. These hurdles can impede the efficiency and effectiveness of customer service operations. This highlights the importance of solutions like Queryfic. Queryfic streamlines agent training and onboarding processes by automatically generating training materials and call scripts. Secondly, Queryfic empowers agents to swiftly resolve customer issues during live interactions by providing instant access to relevant information and resources. This reduces the average handling time per query and enhances the overall customer experience. facilitates omnichannel customer journey mapping by analyzing data from various touch points and channels.

Use cases

Agent training & onboarding

Assisting in the creation of training materials for new agents, including FAQs, call scripts, and procedural guidelines.

Call script creation & optimisation

Generating or optimizing call scripts for agents, ensuring consistency and compliance with company messaging.

Customer query resolution

Empowering agents to quickly find accurate information to address customer inquiries during live interactions using historical interaction data..

Omnichannel customer journey mapping

Use Queryfic to analyze and summarize customer interactions across channels, helping in mapping the customer journey and identifying areas for improvement.

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