Queryfic, the enterprise knowledge agent.

Queryfic is your essential GenAI-powered enterprise knowledge agent, effortlessly creating a comprehensive knowledge base from your diverse data sources. Leveraging this wealth of information, it generates insightful feeds tailored to various user needs. Its intuitive interface and advanced capabilities simplify information retrieval and decision-making, revolutionizing how businesses harness their data assets. Whether you seek quick answers or concise document summaries, Queryfic empowers users to extract precise insights effortlessly.

The Queryfic advantage

Get answers, not just results

Get replies, summaries, briefs and how-tos that you can put to use instantly.

Use all your knowledge sources

Collect knowledge from drives, DMSs, websites, databases or any other source of information.

Deliver knowledge in an easy way

Serve the knowledge on channels best suited to your users: chat, email, WhatsApp, Teams, Slack …

Use your current channels

Do not change your pathways of communication. Integrate Queryfic with your current channels such as chatbots, website searches etc.

Keep your data secure

The Queryfic knowledge base remains within your premises. Only anonymised material is used in case any external interface is used.

See authentic information

See the actual source along with the answer. Never worry about the accuracy and truthfulness.

Unified knowledge base

Queryfic consolidates data from all your organizational sources to create a comprehensive knowledge base, fostering efficient access to critical information.

Versatile data handling

Queryfic effortlessly interprets diverse data formats, including documents, audio, presentations, and spreadsheets, for comprehensive knowledge extraction.

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Cere Labs

Queryfic is a product developed by Cere Labs, a company that specializes in AI solutions tailored for businesses and enterprises.

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