Technology We Evolved

Our products are powered by various technologies under AI – Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing. Cognitive Process Automation and Dark Data Analysis both are based on an ability to combine ML and DL with Cognitive Computing in a unique way. To enable this combination, we have indigenously developed a framework called Cerescope.

Cerescope, the AI framework

Cerescope is the result of years of Cere Labs’ research in Artificial Intelligence. It is an AI framework with various capabilities such as Video Analytics, Audio Analytics, Text Engineering, Prediction/Anomaly and Cognitive Computing. Cerescope enables us to design and develop AI systems rapidly, especially for the POC projects.

Cerescope can be deployed on premises or on a cloud such as AWS/Azure. Its neural networks take advantage of the GPU computing to crash the enormous calculations necessary.

Cerescope is based on Cere’s research in Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Knowledge Representation and NLP. Industry solutions such as Retail, Traffic, Healthcare and Logistics are built using Cerescope’s capabilities.

Cerescope Components

Cerescope Modules


The Mind module of Cerescope performs Cognitive Computation, the ability necessary for achieving required accuracy in converting dark data to structured data. Mind also plays a big role in building bots that automate tasks such as sending emails.


Cerescope Vision can analyse video and images for variety of insights. It has capabilities to process large amount of video and image data.


Text is probably the most voluminous of dark data in the world. Cerescope Text can work with text from emails, contracts, websites and host of other sources to create usable data.


The human speech is tough to handle for the machines. It is often unclear and noisy, not to mention the myriads of accents that people use. Cerescope employs Deep Learning and Cognitive skills to tackle the speech challenge.


Similar in difficulty to speech and enormously valuable, processing of handwriting is one of the finest achievements of Cerescope.